The Glanaco 20ft tire wash system is a very effective mobile tire wash system, and is one of the best products on the market today. It is simple to install, and the effectiveness is superb. It’s 294 direct nozzles are designed to remove the heaviest of dirt from the tires, both front face and inside wall of each, including threads, as well as washing the complete under body of each vehicle.


The system is on auto start as the vehicle approaches and is on a stop timer, adjustable depending on your requirements. All the water and debris flows from the wash bay into the 7200 gallon recycling tank, where the solids settle to the bottom and the clean water is baffled to the pump section where it is reused. A top up ball valve is able fitter allowing you to connect to a water source for ease of filling.

Tire washers greatly reduce mud and debris going onto main roads and highways. Track out is a major problem, especially in wet weather. Having a tire wash system in place stops this from happening, greatly reducing the need for truck sweepers, and keeping the neighbors happy! 

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The baffles are screened and filtered to stop any small particles going into the clean holding section. The clean section is also where the mains water enters the tank, and has an automatic maximum and minimum water level setting that allows the water to adjust accordingly. As with all wheel wash systems, 3 phase power is required, mains or generator. The 6 Meter System will cater for up to 300 truck movements per day.


  • 20ft x 10ft Galvanized Wash Platform
  • 4ft high side screens
  • Removable steel grid sections

  • 294 Direct Spray nozzles

  • PLC Control Panel – Fully programmable

  • Inductive loop start, trimer stop

  • 30ft x 8ft x 5.5ft Water Recycling Tank
  • Water tank capacity – 7200 gallons
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • 5 Year Structure Warranty