The SiteWash bath is the latest in the Glanaco range, catering for sites that have no access to power or water.

Built in shot blast steel, the Bath is 11ft  wide and 36ft long. This gives 4 tire revolutions, with sectioned rumble strips that remove mud from the wheels of trucks as they pass through.


There is also the option on entry and exit ramps for surface mounted models, allowing for greater cleaning on the approach and exit. Alternatively, you can inset into the ground, allowing the trucks to pass freely.

The bath is designed for most trucks, but please check with us on tire dimensions and lengths prior to use.

Glanaco USA, Westport, MA 02190.

Telephone: 508-491-7200


The SiteWash Bath comes with various features.

  • Grids – Heavy duty steel grids inserted into the bath water help spread threads of tyres to looses debris
  • Build Supports – Strong impact supports at both side of bath
  • Transport Supports – Allows for easy crane lifts without distorting the body shape for longer lift
  • Entry Ramps – Entry and Exit ramps for surface mounted units